Friday, September 10, 2010

Windows 7 and magicJack

Ok so magicJack disables energy-saving features like hibernate and sleep, so that it can always send and recieve calls. This is great and all, but it disabled my screensaver and power settings (turn monitor off after 20 mins.) I'm not saving any money on my phone bill if I have to buy a new monitor because magicJack burnt it out. So I googled around and found a fix for this, apparently it only affects Vista and 7 because of something called "power requests."  Power requests allow an application to tell the OS to disable powersaving features. What I had to do was a power request override to tell the OS to enable powersaving features for the display.

Here's the link to the fix:

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vista Startup Programs

To make a program start when Windows starts, drag the icon to the "startup" folder.

1. Select desktop icon.

2. Drag icon to start "orb." wait.
3. Drag icon to "All Programs" menu. wait.
4. Drag icon to "Startup" folder. release.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vista Fresh Install

I find myself having to re-install Windows Vista every once in awhile. I wrote this guide to help myself remember how to quickly set it up the way I like it. This guide begins after the Windows Vista is installed.

Update Windows:
  • Click Start "Orb" in bottom right hand corner. Type "Windows Update" Hit "Enter"

    Install drivers not covered by Windows Update:
    • To check what drivers are still needed, click on start "orb," right-click on "Computer," select "Manage"

    • Select "Device Manager" This will display a list of all the different hardware devices in your system. Devices with a "!" do not have a driver installed. The best place to download a driver is from the device manufacturer's website. Always run Windows Update first, this will install drivers for most common hardware. 

    • Right click anywhere on desktop. Click "Personalize." Click "Window Color and Appearance"
    Select "Windows Aero" and click "OK"

    • Now click "Window Color and Appearance" again and a different window shows up. Mix to your liking.

    • Right click on the taskbar (bottom of screen.) Click "Properties." Select "Notification Area" tab.
    Un-check "Hide inactive icons"

    • Change to "Start Menu" tab, click "Customize..." button. Scroll to the bottom of the white box.

    Select the middle radio button under "System administrative tools." Un-check "Use large icons." Change the number of recent programs to display to "20" un-check "E-mail link." Click "OK" button on both windows.

    Install Programs:

    "Not enough space" error on samba share

    Problem: Trying to access new NTFS samba share on Ubuntu Server 10.04 from Vista SP2 machine. Copying from server share to local hard drive works fine, but copying from local hard drive to server share gives an error: "Not enough space on volume, try removing files to free up space" Share has ~500GB free, copying works both ways from Ubuntu on local machine...
    Solution: Fix NTFS permissions. The way I fixed this was; boot into XP on the server, right-click on share, click properties, sharing tab, check box to "share this drive on the network." This fixed the NTFS permissions on the share and I am now able to copy to and from it.

    Monday, August 16, 2010

    Windows Update error 80070490 (Vista)

    Means your CBS Manifest file is corrupt. There are two options:

    1.    System Update Readiness Tool [x86]

    System Update Readiness Tool [x64]

    2.    Repair Installation

    "There is not enough space" Vista network share error

    So annoying!! I kept getting this error when trying to copy files from Vista to a samba network share. There is plenty of free space on the share (~500GB). Finally found this hotfix on microsoft's support site.


    NOTE: This should be taken care of with Vista SP2 and above. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop